Cheryl Mac

I began making our body butter when I became pregnant, wanting only 100% USDA certified organic ingredients for my face and body. I fell in love with the rich and luxurious product and started sharing it with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and friends of friends and received amazing testimonies. Our product was a joyous result and often the only solution to cases of severe eczema, diaper rash, burns from consistent use of magnetic therapy, relief and healing do to a radical mastectomy for breast cancer.

We have since expanded our knowledge of ingredients as well our understanding of the ingredients' source, sustainability and fair trade of it's agriculture. If an ingredient or it's source compromise our standards we will modify or even hold production until it can be sourced properly. Working with these carefully cultivated ingredients has inspired our family to experiment with and extend our product line to include our immediate resources and old school family remedies. Honing a line of products from Medicinal to Cosmetic as well as Fun and Educational.

We are dedicated to preparing a genuine raw product and that all the ingredients are USDA certified organic, we believe in preserving the natural nutrients and antioxidants that make Lilu a supreme skin treatment for everyday use! We are proud of our positive mind, spirit and everything with love approach. Lilu was a childhood nickname and to us it stands for fun, simple wholesome goodness. If things get tough we stop, dance and smell the Cacao butter so no stress will ever go into making Lilu! Lilu is sweet, loving and she wants to protect you!

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Love all your products!

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