I spent my whole life getting prescriptions and spending top dollar on products that don't work. One day I looked at the ingredients, looked them up online and was appalled at the toxicity! So I started making my own moisturizing lotions. I couldn't believe how amazing the natural ingredients were on my skin! My rosacea was cured! My husband's lifelong eczema was cured! Then I gave some to my friends and they all had the same results!

I'm sure all of those toxic synthetic chemicals I used were what destroyed my skin in the first place!

Your skin will be so soft--like a baby's!

My 8 year old, Miles & I whip up these creams in the kitchen. We sterilize everything first! :) Then we pour the ingredients into the cobalt blue jars.

A little goes a long way!

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The face moisturizer is so luxurious! My face had an amazing glow without feeling oily. She doesn’t lie when she says a little goes a long way, I love it!


I love the Buka lip balm! I got one beet pink and one plain. I feel extra cool that my lips have a soft sheen of pink that’s due to beets! It’s soft and it lasts a long time. It doesn’t just dry up and make you feel like you need more 5 minutes later like some lip balms. It truly does the job, thank you Ita!!

Nikki W about listing Buka Lip 8 days ago.